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Metromax Quality Steel Building (MQSB)
Pre-Engineered Building Terms and Conditions of Sale

  1. Pre-Engineered Buildings are not to be treated lightly. They are a structural dwelling and are designed to be installed by builders or owner/builders with the relevant builder's licenses to cover the building works required. MQBS will accept no responsibility for any building works conducted by others.
  2. Building Contract – Confirmation of contract requires a signed quote page/shed drawing page and a deposit as per progress payment in clause 3 below. All cladding profiles/colours must be filled out in the area detailed below.
  3. Progress payments – payments are to be made as per the following schedule:-
    • Deposit –25% upon confirmation of order
    • Final – 75% Balance of contract amount 7 days prior to delivery
  4. Colorbond® Colours - Colours outside the standard Colorbond® range are not available.
  5. The building components - MQSB contracts to supply a full kit building as per the material list created by the design software used. These materials unless otherwise noted includes foundation fasteners, steel members, cladding, bracing, flashing, fixtures, doors and inclusions as listed in our QUOTATION PAGE. Any alterations to the building layout or inclusions as per the QUOTATION PAGE must be provided for in writing. If changes are made after the time of order confirmation and production has commenced, any costs associated with these changes shall be at the expense of the client. The building structural designs (and the components thereof) shall be as per the engineering design supplied by Program Plus P/L®.
  6. Building Design - The Structural Design is stated on the QUOTATION PAGE. As Wind designs can vary greatly between locations and this Quotation has been provided without the knowledge of this individual site terrain, the Wind design is assumed and if a different design is required to the design quoted for the specific site it is the clients responsibility to notify MQSB of the Wind design required (This information can be obtained from your Local Council). Unless noted otherwise the foundation engineering specification assumes a soil class of A,S or M for the site. Any additional costs associated with changes to the structural/foundation design will be at the expense of the client.
  7. Rejection by Council – Where the building application has been rejected by the governing authority due to reasons that prevent the specific building being built on the site, the deposit fee will be refunded (less administrative costs) providing:-
    • The building application that specifically relates to the project the engineering was supplied for is rejected by the governing authority responsible for assessing the application;
    • A full copy of the building application is returned to MQSB along with a letter from the governing authority stating why the application was rejected;
    • The reason the building application was rejected is of a nature that means the building cannot be constructed on the site (i.e. Rejection of application because of sewer underneath is a valid reason for refund whereas rejection of application because of failure by the applicant to supply landscape plan to governing authority in the allotted time is not);
    • No material production has been authorised or commenced.
  8. Supply of materials – It is the responsibility of the client to ensure a representative of the client is available to take possession of the materials at the time of delivery or collection. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all the materials are correct as per the delivery docket at the time of delivery or collection from our depot. In the case of site deliveries, where the client cannot or will not make available a representative to take possession of materials MQSB accepts no responsibility for any shortages of materials.
  9. Cancelled Orders - As the materials for each building are made as required any orders cancelled after order placement will not be refunded. Any changes made to the building as per the QUOTATION PAGE shall be at the expense of the client.

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