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Steel Safe


From the smallest of Storage Sheds through to huge Aircraft Hangars... We have the size to suit you!


10 Year Warranty

When you purchase a Metromax Shed kit you have the comfort of knowing the building is covered by the exclusive Steel Safe Warranty.

This warranty is underwritten by all the material suppliers who manufactured the products in your shed.
Steel Safe Warranty fully warrants the products in your building for the term of the manufacturer's warranty.
Steel Safe Warranty not only warrants the roof cladding but the fasteners and door items in your building.
The whole building is covered by the Steel Safe Warranty.

When you order a Metromax building you will receive a unique product serial number along with a Steel Safe Warranty certificate. Any defects within the warranty terms shall be replaced, promptly, at no charge.

Steel Safe Warranty is your security for your investment.

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